miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2007


It is plenty known that the global power elite is searching to make all people stupid, all the media corporations, such as FOX, NBC, ABC,CBS, and MTV, and here in Spain the most important channels such as ch. 4, A.3 TVE1 and 2, and for sure ch.5 are dedicated to promote tv shows that talk about stupid things and no say even a word about the real problems of the world.

Ch.4 has done a great job doing so, ¨Noche H¨ hosted by te comidian ¨Eva H¨, who is constantly talking against Bush, but she uses to make j0kes about the theries that contradict the offical version about what happened last Sept 11, 01, you see the brainwatch? so she seems to be against Bush, but in fact she supports his ideas, and all the fuckings lies the US goverment says to us.

As I told some years before, Spain and Us are in the same boat, because Spain is a apart of the European Union, and European Union and all the supporters of this mega state is in fact a very important part of the whole plan to eliminate our freedom and our social wellfare.

As Bush says, Europe and US will always stick together, but not the people, he is talking about the minds who control the money. So how is posible that ch.4 (Spain - PRISA) which is a tv station supposly to have a left idiology it´s in fact promoting the conervative ideas that US republic party says to us, wich is also shared by the democrats, because at the end all of the parties share the same ideas, make the world a fucking Wall mart to seel and buy, to buy and sell.

So how can Rodríguez Zapatero be a Bush supporter when all the people think he is against Bush? how a tv station like ch.4 that is ¨anti Irak war¨is a supporter of Bush, well, facts are more important than words, and Zapatero as Ch.4 use to say more words than making real facts.

Just see, Zapatero took home the spanish militars form Irak, but he has let them in Afaganistan, and also sent more to Libanon, and they are not doing stupid humanitary services, no no no, that is a war, and they are doing war actions.

And tv station never talk about it? why?, well it is more important the naked pics of the actress Elsa Pataky, or Madeleine case, or the weeding of Rita Verera´s son. And don´t think this news are shown just on the gossip tv programs, those are the topics in the news of the prime time, that are supossedt o be serious.

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