viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2007

Zarcozy is destroying France

Why Segolene did´t win the elections? well she didn´t fight strongly agains Zarko´s ideas of a Frence free of inmigrants. So now Zarko has the mayority of the votes, and he is molding France to his ideas. He is trying to make things difficult for inmigrants, but not just that he is focused on implement new methods to get the family join, he is asking for an DNI tests to the familily members who apply.

This is the fist step to control people´s lives, DNI tests? what´s next, implant a ship into the skin of the inmigrants, what about if then he says, Ok let´s do it not just with inmigrants, but with people in jail no mater if they are french, and then what about do it with children and let´s do it with all the people.

Zarzo is making of France a country very similar as USA, where police controls are everywhere, where the migra is running to caugh people without papers, where that idea of a superior country is promote into the french people minds.

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